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1990, Schwing/36m, BPL 1200 HDR-20 KVM 36/32, Used
1996, Putzmeister, 1408, Used
1996, Schwing, BPL1200 KVM32/28, Used
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Concrete Pumps Pouring Concrete Over Distance

The first concrete pump was patented in 1932 and has become the most popular method for placing concrete worldwide. Concrete pumps come in three main categories, concrete boom pumps, concrete stationary pumps and concrete trailer pumps. Volume output for concrete pumps range from 25 cubic yards per hour ( 19.11 CM) to over 200 cubic yards ( 152.88 CM) per hour.

With the evolution of the long boom, concrete boom pumps are now able to reach over 70 plus meters and deliver concrete precisely, and with the volume needed to complete some of the world’s largest concrete pours. While reaching over 100 stories, high rise concrete stationary pumps can pump concrete horizontally over 1 mile or vertically to the top of the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

Concrete pumps will never completely replace the need for a concrete bucket or a wheel barrel, but if volume and distance is an issue, a concrete pump is the tool for the job.

Concrete Pumps Common Names and Brands

  1. Putzmeister

  2. Schwing

  3. Alliance

  4. Reed

  5. DY

  6. Sermac

  7. Cifa

  8. KCP

  9. Concord

  10. Air Placo

  11. Reinert

  12. Transcrete

  13. Olin

Concrete Pumps Sample Images

concrete boom pump sample 1	concrete city pump sample 1 concrete pump schwing 31 ez concrete trailer pump schwing 1000

Concrete Pumps Things to Look For

In general these devices are bullet proof, but we have found when shopping for this equipment you should be on the lookout for the following items:

  1. Concrete Pumps as with all concrete equipment last longer if they have been maintained properly and cleaned regularly
  2. Ask about recent repairs.
  3. Ask about what spare parts are included.

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