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Your All-in-One Solution for Buying and Selling New & Used Concrete Equipment

Founded in 2000 by Tim Wade after more than 25 years’ experience in concrete and construction, ConcreteIron Inc. has become your global source for buying and selling concrete equipment. Many equipment mega-sites offer classifieds, but ConcreteIron is the only concrete industry specific classified advertising website on the planet.


The Global Hub For The Concrete Industry!

Maximize Your Profits by Selling Your Used Concrete Equipment with a Classified Ad on

The Global Hub for the Concrete Industry! Our user-friendly platform allows you to reach a large and relevant audience, saving you time and hassle in the selling process. Take advantage of our expertise and see why is the trusted choice for buying and selling new and used concrete equipment!

List your equipment for 60 Days, for as low as $39 one-time.

Some important things to have prepared before you start your first classified ad.

Select Appropriate Category

Getting your equipment on the correct category page maximizes your investment in our classified system by maximizing the likelihood that your advertisement will be on or near the top of Google search results for your category.

Prepare Several Good Quality Photos

Classified ads with photos perform 200% better on our site on average.

Collect All Important Information About Equipment For Sale

Be sure to have on hand all the important details such as make, model, year, hours operated, and prepare a good description of the critical pieces that owners such as yourselves will surely ask about before buying.

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