Be Aware of Internet Scams

Be Aware of Internet Scams



We do a lot to filter out bad requests and fake accounts, but there are still some clever people out there circumventing our security.
We encourage you to be careful of some of the common scams on classified sites.

Over Paid Deposit or Fake Check

The most common of these is something similar to when someone seems very eager to buy your equipment, and they send you a deposit via check.
A few things can happen, the check ends up being fake or the bank is unable to clear it right away…and/or they will “overpay” the deposit on purpose.

Later they will contact you and say they are sending someone out to inspect the equipment, and oh by the way, they just noticed they over paid on the deposit, could you pay the difference directly to the person coming to do the inspection?

Email Scraping

There is also the common scam of robots on the web trying to get live email addresses to add to spam lists. If you see a large number of inquiries from the same email address all of the sudden, be very careful about responding to them… this might be an indication of an internet robot scraping email addresses.

We will be adding more warnings as we are made aware of other scams that can negatively affect our customers.