Getting Started

Creating Your First Classified Ad

We have been working to streamline this process as much as possible by removing all unnecessary fields and questions, and getting straight to important information. We believe that all questions asked and fields asked for are very clear and straightforward after many years of testing and refining.

In essence it is as easy as just pressing any of the following buttons you see on the menu or on the screens.

- In the menu we have "New Ad" button.
- On the main screens we have "Sell My Equipment" buttons.


We used to make you create an account before starting your first classified ad, however we have recently changed it so you can auto-create an account at the end of creating your first classified ad. So, it really is just as simple as pressing the button to start a new ad.

Some important things to have prepared before you start your first classified ad.

- Select Appropriate Category

Browse our categories on the home page to determine the best location for your equipment to be listed. All equipment categories are listed under CONCRETE EQUIPMENT FOR SALE.

We are continuously working to optimize all the category pages for Google and other search engines, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO.). Getting your equipment on the correct category page maximizes your investment in our classified system by maximizing the likelihood that your advertisement will be on or near the top of Google search results for your category.

- Prepare Several Good Quality Photos

Classified ads with photos perform 200% better on our site on average. Prepare some clear and in-focus photos of the critical operating parts of the equipment you are trying to sell and some overall photos from all important angles.

- Collect All Important Descriptive Information About Equipment For Sale

Be sure to have on hand all the important details such as make, model, year, hours operated, and prepare a good description of the critical pieces that owners such as yourselves will surely ask about before buying. Provide as much information as you can to avoid having to answer too many questions later.

- Price or Contact Seller for Pricing

You can provide a price, or leave the price empty to have it display "Contact Seller For Pricing".

- Contact Info

Your new ad is automatically connected to the email you provide when creating your new account, and you can add further contact info in the classified ad itself when it asks for contact info. Provide a clear name and phone number here if you want.

- Decide Basic or Featured Ad

All of our equipment ads automatically run for 90 days, so you only need to decide if you want to be featured at the top of all searches and our home page, or just be in the normal mix of ads and search results. Featured ads regularly get 500% more clicks and views than our normal ads. So you can decide "Featured" or "Basic". To learn more about pricing, features and options read our Pricing and Features page.

Creating a new Account

- Sign Up

We automatically create a new account for you at the end of your first new classified ad. However you are always welcome to create an account first here at this page.

Searching For Equipment

- Quick Search on Home Page

We provide a quick and easy "any word" search option on the home page at the type. Just type in any word you are interested in such as "pump" etc and it will bring back everything on our site that matches. Easy!

- Advanced Search

Need more control and specific search options. We provide that too, on our Search page. Which allows you to fill in just about any specific detailed information in any field you want.

Other Advertising Options - Banners, Email Blasts, etc.

- We offer other Advertising Options - Banner Ads, Email Blasts, etc

We provide more detail about these alternate advertising options on our Pricing and Features Page here.

FAQs and Other Questions

- More Questions and Answers - FAQ
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