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Mar 18, 2018

How to Complete a Previously Unfinished Ad on

Our site has a strong feature that allows you to start an ad and come back at any time and finish it. You can leave it unfinished in any step of the process. We all know how busy we can get, or how we can get interrupted by an important phone call or email. 

Our system will archive your partially finished ad until you delete it.

How do you find this ad and finish it or continue working on it?

The process is simple.

-First of all, you need to be logged in to

Once you have successfully logged in, then you will easily be able to find all your existing ads under your user menu.
This menu exists on the top right on both mobile and desktop versions of our site.

-Click on your name in the top right to show the drop down user menu.

-Click on “My Ads” and find a detailed listing of all completed AND incomplete ads.
Or click on this link if you have trouble finding the “My Ads” option. (after being logged in)
My Ads Shortcut

-Find the ad that you have started and just click/tap on the link to “Edit Classified Ad”  
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