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1995, Somero, S-240, Used
2017, Somero , LR212-S,Oasis/Quartz, SXP, CopperHead, PowerRake , Used
2007, Somero, Power Rake 2.0, Used
2016, Lingchine , Screed Saver Max, Used
2006, Somero, Copperhead XD 2.0, Used

Laser Screeds for Super Flat Floors

Wondering if a Laser Screed is right for you? A Laser Screed is the tool you need if you want super flat floors, super fast. Laser Screed technology revolutionized the concrete industry in the 1980’s and has continued making great strides ever since. Not only do laser screeds make perfectly level and smooth floors, they also do it at incredible speeds with minimal crews.

Large jobs that used to take the better part of a week to complete, with a full crew of workers, can now be finished in less than one day. Not only will a laser screed improve the quality of the work you do, it will allow you to complete it faster and with less man power. This all adds up to more profit and an advantage over your competition.

Laser Screeds Common Names and Brands

- Somero

- Copperhead

- XD 2.0 - 3.0


- S-240

- S-160

- Ligchine

- Screedsaver

- Screedsaver Max

- Screedsaver Pro

Laser Screeds Sample Images

concrete laser screed somero copperhead xd2.0 concrete laser screed ligchine screedsaver concrete laser screed somero sxp sample 1 concrete laser screed somero sxp sample 2

Laser Screeds Things to Look For

In general these devices are bullet proof, but we have found when shopping for this equipment you should be on the lookout for the following items:

- Screeds as with all concrete equipment last longer if they have been maintained properly and cleaned regularly
- Ask about recent repairs.
- Ask about what spare parts are included.
- Check whether or not a laser transmitter is included. In our experience, lasers are not always included in the sale of used laser screed. Some companies prefer to keep their lasers as they are a multipurpose item.

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