1991, Elkin, 10 yd. Front Discharge, Used

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10 yd. Front Discharge
This is a 10 cu. yd. Elkin Front Discharge Mixer mounted on a 1991 FDM Mack. I am the 2nd owner and purchased it from Elkin in 1993 with 19,000 miles on it. This was the first of 4 front discharge mobile mixers and hasnt been licenced since 2016.Truck is now and has always been garage kept. This truck is in good condition and perfect working order. We purchased a newer mixer in December 2017 and have decided to let this unit go to make room and be of use for someone else.Aggregate bins have some rust near base but other than the cosmetic issue there are no problems as the bins are lined inside with 1/4" UHMW plastic. Hydraulic system has no leaks, engine has some minor oil leaks. This is an All Wheel drive truck with a Marmon-Herrington 22,000 lb. front axle. This truck can be operated from inside or outside the drivers cab. This is a high production unit 60 yds./hr. with a 12" diameter and 16 foot long mix auger and gives an excellent mix. Comes with 4-48" aluminum chutes and along with the 36" starter chute gives a total reach out the front of approx. 22' from the curb.

Mixer Specs:
1991 Elkin 10yd-MP-110-6-1030C
High Production 60 yds./Hr.
12" dia. 16' long mix auger with wear shoes- 90%+ on wear shoes
500 Gal. Stainless Steel water tank
Dual Admix System with plastic tanks
1/2" UHMW plastic wear pan between floor and conveyer chain
13'6" long aggregate bins with 1/4" UHMW plastic lining
76 Bag cement bin
4- 48" long aluminum chutes with UHMW liners
22' reach out the front
Mixer can be operated from outside or in the drivers seat

Truck Specs:

FDM Mack VIN# 1S9C10088M1136125
Aluminum Cab
Heavy Duty single rail frame
300 HP Mack Diesel Engine
Jacobs Engine Brake
8 speed Mack Maxitourqe T-2080 Transmission
Marmon-Herrington 23,000 lb. Front Drive Axle
Rear Lift Axle   
Jul 25, 2018
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