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Concrete Batch Plants Dry or Wet

Definition From Wikipedia of a Concrete Batch Plant

A concrete plant, also known as a batch plant or batching plant or a concrete batching plant, is equipment that combines various ingredients to form concrete. Some of these inputs include water, air, admixtures, sand, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.), fly ash, silica fume, slag, and cement.

Concrete Batch Plant Two Main Types:

Pre-batched concrete that is ready to use is typically called ready mix concrete. Ready mix concrete is usually produced in one of two types of concrete Ready Mix Batch Plants. There are more than two types of batch plants when you consider a truck mounted volumetric mixer, but for the sake of discussion, we will focus on the two primary versions of a concrete batch plant: Dry Concrete Batch Plant and Central Ready Mix (Wet) Batch Plant.

Dry Concrete Batch Plant

This type of plant requires all the raw materials to be introduced to a drum mixer or sometimes called transit mixer. The drum or transit mixer is usually called a Ready Mix Truck and usually carries 6 to 10 cubic yards of concrete. All the ingredients that go into a ready mix truck are called the mix design. Because the ingredients are loaded separately, the ready mix truck is designed with a rotating drum that agitates and blends the materials with a minimum of revolutions and this is usually accomplished while in transit to the pour site. The raw materials that typically make up a standard mix design are:

Typical Raw Materials

- Sand (fines)

- Aggregrate (rock)

- Portland cement

- Fly ash

- Water reducers and other admixtures

- Water (clean and void of organic materials)

- Concrete fibers

Dry concrete batch plants are usually in the production range of 60 to 250 cubic yards (190 m3) per hour. The following is a sample list of quality USA manufacturers of dry concrete batch plants:

Typical USA Manufacturers of Dry Concrete Batch Plants

- Con-E-Co

- Cemco Inc.

- Erie Stayer Co.

- Fast-Way

- JEL Concrete Plants

- Loadcraft Industries, LTD

- OSISA Concrete Equipment

- RexCon

- Stephens Mfg

- Vince Hagan Co.

Central Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant Wet Concrete Batch Plant

Another name for this type of plant is a Wet Mix Concrete Plant. This type pf plant introduces the ingredients of the mix design in a central drum mixer attached to the plant. This mixer is usually a 12 yd3/hr mixer driven by two planetary drive motors. This mixer pre-mixes the concrete for a pre-determined amount of revolutions before dispensing the load into the haul truck. Because this type of pre-mixing is done at the plant location, and job site location, the concrete can be loaded in a drum mixer or a dump truck. The versatility of this type of concrete batch plant is usually required on large infrastructure projects that require a higher degree of quality control and an uninterrupted supply of ready mix concrete. Because the concrete is premixed, this results in an increased life span of a ready-mix truck drum as its does not need to function as a mixer. Central mix plants are designed to be high production and can produce up to 300 yd3/ hr. The following is a sample of quality UAS manufacturers of Central ready mix (wet) batch plants:

Typical USA Manufacturers of Wet Concrete Batch Plants

- Con-E-Co

- Erie Stayer Co.

- JEL Concrete Plants

- RexCon

- Stephens Mfg

- Vince Hagan Co.

Wet and Dry Concrete Batch Plants Sample Images

concrete batch plant sample 1 concrete batch plant sample 2 concrete batch plant sample 3 concrete batch plant sample 4

Used Concrete Batch Plants Inspection Things to Look For

These devices have a lot of moving parts, and we have found when shopping for this equipment you should be on the lookout for the following items:

- Concrete Batch Plants, as with all concrete equipment, last longer if they have been maintained properly and cleaned regularly
- Ask about recent repairs.
- Ask about what spare parts are included.

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