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Purchased brand new in 2014, used for 237 hours for about a year, then found no need after the job was completed. 
Laser Screed is on Oahu, Hawaii at our Swinerton Builders yard. 
The screed does need some love, but Ligchine has given a quote to get the LaserScreed back up and running like new. 
Will to part ways with it for basically just chipping costs to get it to wherever you are located. 

The SCREEDSAVER MAX™ is the workhorse of the Ligchine fleet, and MAX owners would say it is the best value of any boom operated laser-guided screed in the world. SCREEDSAVER MAX integrates the technologies of the standard SCREEDSAVER II™ with the added features of front wheel drive and rear wheel steering: a 90° manual pivoting drive frame; and Kubota’s 25hp D902 Diesel motor. Like all Ligchine screeds, MAX is a wireless remote controlled screed.