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Gomaco GT-3200 Curb and Gutter Machine, 2001 Model, SN 907100-143, Approx. 495 hours
4BT3.9 Cummins Diesel Engine – 92 hp (68.6 kW)  
Fuel Reservoir 40 gal. (151.4 liter)                                                                         
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 70 gal. (265 liter)                                                              
One Oil Cooler                                                                                                        
Trimmerhead Closed Loop Hydraulic Circuit                                                         
Two Hydraulic Vibrators                                                                                         
Two Hydraulic Vibrator Circuits With Individual Variable Controls                        
Hydraulic Pump System                                                                                         
* one load-sensed main hydraulic pump                                                    
* one pressure-compensated lift circuit pump                                            
Network Control System                                                                                         
* self-diagnostic system More extras and too much to list/ please call for more information or email and we will send it to you